WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt
WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt
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WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt

$230.00 (Incl. VAT 17%)


Product Specifications:

  • Fully handmade WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt
  • Snap closure stitch.
  • Maximum weight approx 5.29 lbs. (2400g)
  • Graphics that have been laser-cut.
  • Graphics are printed on the belt and the bag.
  • Gold plated Wrestling Belt
  • The front large plate is approximately 7.5″ by 12″.
  • The size of the side plates is approximately 3″ by 5″.
  • The approximate size is 51″.
  • The thickness of the plate is 2 mm/4 mm/6 mm.
  • Worldwide shipping


  • 100% Polyurethane used in Strap
  • 100% Zinc Alloy used in Center and Side Plates
  • Belt: Genuine Leather Embossed.
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WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt

Smoking Skull Championship belt resembled the WWE World Title in some ways. The championship’s layout was changed to help highlight Steve Austin’s brilliance. On the central plate were sculpted rattlesnakes and smouldering skulls. Now we are introducing the affordable Wrestling Smoking Championship Belt.

1. A Representation of Attitude Era Brilliance

The WWF Smoking Skull Championship Belt is a hallmark of the Attitude Era, one of professional wrestling’s most exciting and rebellious eras. This belt depicts the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin era, when revolt, unpredictability, and sheer boldness ruled the wrestling world.

2. Iconic Style of WWF replica Wrestling belts

The design of this championship belt pays homage to the era’s unashamed attitude. The smoking skull pattern, combined with the snakeskin texture on the strap, embodies the essence of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s character and the rebellious spirit that marked the era.

3. Outstanding Craftsmanship

The WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt is painstakingly constructed from premium materials. Its genuine leather and gold or silver plating give it an authentic and quality feel. From the smoking skull centrepiece to the nameplate space, every element has been meticulously sculpted to perfection.

4. Be a Winner

Owning this replica championship belt is more than just a collector’s item; it’s your chance to be a champion, embrace the spirit of Austin 3:16, and honor one of wrestling’s most renowned individuals.

5. Suitable for Collectors and Fans

The WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt is a must-have addition to your collection or wardrobe, whether you’re an obsessive wrestling memorabilia collector or simply a fan who wishes to pay homage to a fantastic period. Display it with pride, wear it as a statement piece, or enjoy its craftsmanship—it’s a wrestling fan’s dream.

6. The Ultimate Wrestling Present

Are you looking for a unique present for a fellow wrestling fan? This championship belt is a thoughtful and unforgettable gift that will be treasured for many years. It’s the ideal way to express your appreciation for their devotion on a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

7. Scarce Availability

Owning the WWF Smoking Skull Championship Replica Belt is a rare honour due to its limited availability. Don’t miss your chance to capture a piece of wrestling history and immerse yourself in the rebellious grandeur of the Attitude Era. Get your hands on this legendary piece today and celebrate the heyday of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. we also have John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt and Bret Hart Signature Series Replica Title Belt.

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