WWF Big Green Heavyweight Replica Belt
WWF Big Green Heavyweight Replica Belt (1978 – 1985)
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WWF Big Green Heavyweight Replica Belt (1978 – 1985)

$798.99 (Incl. VAT 17%)

  • Geneon Leather
  • Snap closure stitch.
  • Maximum weight approximately (3200g).
  • Graphics are printed on the belt and the bag.
  • Gold-plated Wrestling Belt
  • Fully handmade WWF Big Green Heavyweight championship Replica Belt.
  • The approximate size is 50.
  • The thickness of the plate is 2 mm/4 mm/6 mm.
  • Worldwide shipping
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Big Green Replica Belt

Hulk Hogan is widely regarded as the most recognized wrestling star in the world. He was the most popular wrestler of the 1980s. WWF Big Green Heavyweight Replica title is a part of his championship. Every wrestler wants to win this crazy belt, but some people cannot do this. So don’t worry I have this beautiful replica title belt.

Style & Appearance of Replica WWF Belt:

Known for its recognizable appearance, the WWF Big Green Heavyweight Championship belt is also called the “Big Green.” The primary plate of the belt is an enormous, commanding eagle with its wings spread, holding a banner that says “World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion” in its beak. The circle globe graphic beneath the eagle represents the reach of professional wrestling worldwide. The belt gets its name from the vivid emerald green paint used as the background of the main plate. The globe and eagle patterns stand out and are visually stunning against the black backdrop.

Historical Significance:

When this championship belt first appeared in 1978, it was the highest honor in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). Some of professional wrestling history’s most recognizable storylines and matches included it. This title was held by legendary wrestlers, including “Superstar” Billy Graham, Bob Backlund, and The Iron Sheikh, solidifying their status as wrestling icons.

A Period of Change:

 In professional wrestling, the WWF Big Green Heavyweight Championship belt signified a change in direction. The WWF led this shift as the business moved from the regional territorial structure to a more national and international arena. The championship belt represented the WWF’s ambition to rise to prominence in the professional wrestling industry—a goal it would eventually accomplish.

Collector’s item:

 Fans and collectors of wrestling memorabilia now place a great value on the WWF Big Green Heavyweight Championship belt. This championship belt is highly valued by individuals who treasure the rich history of professional wrestling because of its vintage appearance, historical relevance, and sentimental appeal. Fans can also possess a piece of wrestling history by obtaining replicas and recreations of this iconic belt.

In conclusion, the WWF Big Green Heavyweight Replica Belt, used from 1978 to 1985, represents a turning point in the history of professional wrestling. Because of its distinctive look, historical relevance, and influence on the professional wrestling scene, fans highly prized it as a memento of the heyday of sports entertainment. If you’re looking for something different shop from our other category. 

Is this belt made of real leather?

Yes, the Big Green is made of real leather.

Are WWE Belts Real gold or Gold plated Belts?

No, WWE belts are not real gold it just gold plates.

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  1. Vernon

    “WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Belt – a nod to high-flying action. The vibrant colors and emphasis on athleticism make it a fantastic tribute to the exciting world of cruiserweight wrestling.”

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