Undertaker Championship Side Plates Replica Box Set
Undertaker Championship Side Plates Replica Box Set
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Undertaker Championship Side Plates Replica Box Set

$130.00 (Incl. VAT 17%)

  • Excellent for usage in certain WWE Championship Titles
  • The approximate size is 4.25” x 3.16”Top of Form
  • 100% Brass metal used in Side Plates
  • Set includes two side plates and a commemorative box
  • The approximate size of the Wood box is 6” x 10.5”
  • Shipping all around the world
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Introducing the Undertaker Championship Side Plates Replica Box Set – a tribute to the legendary career of the Phenom himself! Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this exclusive box set is a must-have for every devoted fan of The Undertaker.

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring legacy of The Undertaker with this meticulously crafted replica box set. Each side plate is a faithful reproduction of the iconic championship plates that adorned the titles won by The Deadman throughout his illustrious career. From the intricate detailing to the unmistakable symbols, these plates capture the essence of The Undertaker’s dominance in the ring.

Authentic WWE Undertaker title side plate replica

Precision-engineered and constructed with high-quality materials, these replica side plates are a testament to our commitment to authenticity. The attention to detail ensures that every nuance of the original championship plates is faithfully reproduced, making this box set a true collector’s item for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

This box set showcases exclusive designs that reflect The Undertaker’s unique persona and unparalleled achievements. From his chilling symbol to the iconic imagery associated with his character, each side plate tells a story of triumph and dominance in the squared circle.

Searching for the ultimate gift for the ultimate Undertaker fan?

Look no further! This championship side plates replica box set is the epitome of thoughtful gifting, encapsulating the essence of The Undertaker’s storied career in a beautifully presented package.

Exclusive WWE Undertaker side plates collector’s item

Elevate your collection and showcase your Undertaker fandom with pride. Whether displayed in your home, office, or personal shrine to The Deadman, these replica side plates are sure to be a conversation starter and a focal point for any true wrestling enthusiast.

Bring home a piece of WWE history with the Undertaker Championship Side Plates Replica Box Set. Order now and relive the magic of The Undertaker’s unparalleled career in the comfort of your own space. Embrace the darkness and celebrate the enduring legacy of The Deadman today! Moreover, if you are looking for something different then you can check our WWF Championship Belts and Stone Cold legacy belt etc.

Can I attach the replica side plates to my own championship belt?

In most cases, yes. Replica side plates are designed to be interchangeable with compatible championship belts.

Is there a warranty or return policy for the Undertaker Championship Side Plates Replica Box Set?

WWEBelts.Shop Provide the return policies for its customers.

2 reviews for Undertaker Championship Side Plates Replica Box Set

  1. willi

    Very good quality, and super neat I am happy with it

  2. TANLI

    Very good the material and the strength of it is great, quality product

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