Razor Ramon Signature Series Championship Replica Title
Razor Ramon Signature Series Championship Replica Title
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Razor Ramon Signature Series Championship Replica Title

$300.00 (Incl. VAT 17%)

  • Razor Ramon Signature Series Title Belt is fully handmade.
  • Snap closure stitch.
  • Maximum weight approximately 5.4 lbs. (2450g)
  • including a fabric-carrying bag
  • Graphics are printed on the belt and the bag.
  • Gold-plated Wrestling Belt
  • The front large plate is approximately 110.25” x 8.5”
  • The first side plate is roughly 5” x 5.3” in size.
  • The End cap is roughly 2.75” x 4”’ in size.
  • The approximate size of the strap is 48.5” x 9.125”
  • The thickness of the plate is 4 mm.
  • Worldwide shipping
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Razor Ramon Signature Series Collectible

Introducing the Razor Ramon “Signature Series” Championship Replica Title Belt – a stunning tribute to one of WWE’s most iconic superstars. This meticulously crafted replica belt captures the essence of Razor Ramon’s larger-than-life persona and brings the excitement of professional wrestling into your hands.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this championship replica belt exudes prestige and authenticity. The gold-plated metal shines brilliantly, symbolizing the grandeur of the WWE universe. The intricate designs and embossed logos showcase Razor Ramon’s unique style, featuring his infamous razor blade symbol prominently.

Razor Ramon Iconic Wrestling Belt

Made from top-quality materials, this replica belt is built to last. The genuine leather strap ensures both durability and a comfortable fit. The adjustable fastening system allows for easy customization, ensuring the perfect fit for fans of all ages.

Whether proudly displayed in your collection or worn during WWE watch parties, this replica belt is a symbol of your passion for professional wrestling. It serves as a conversation starter and a testament to Razor Ramon’s unforgettable legacy.

Packaged in a collector’s box, this replica belt makes for an exceptional gift for any WWE enthusiast. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the world of wrestling, the Razor Ramon “Signature Series” Championship Replica Title Belt is a must-have addition to your collection.

Signature Series Wrestling Memorabilia

Step into the ring and channel the charisma of Razor Ramon with this incredible replica belt. Order yours today and let the spirit of the Bad Guy live on in your wrestling journey.

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Are WWE Belts Real gold or Gold plated Belts?

Wrestling Belts are just Gold Plated not Real Gold.

Who is the owner of signature series belt?

The owner of the Signature Series Belt is typically the individual or collector who has purchased or acquired this limited-edition championship replica.

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  1. Derek

    First test are good, bearings are working very well. As expected.

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