Raw Tag Team Championship Title Belt
Raw Tag Team Championship Title Belt
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Raw Tag Team Championship Title Belt

$180.00 (Incl. VAT 17%)

  • Genuine Leather Empossed
  • Fully Handmade Championship Title Belt.
  • The front large plate is approximately 8.16″ x 8.16″
  • The approximate size is 50″
  • The thickness of the plate is 2mm
  • Graphics are printed on the strap
  • Snap closure stitch.
  • The soft fabric used in the lining
  • Silver-plated Wrestling Belt
  • It fits waist sizes up to 46″
  • Shipping all around the world
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WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Belt

Introducing the pinnacle of tag team excellence, the Raw Tag Team Championship Title Belt—an embodiment of strength, camaraderie, and unwavering dominance in the ring. Crafted with precision and passion, this championship belt is the epitome of wrestling grandeur.

Forged from the finest materials, the gleaming metal plates showcase intricate detailing, capturing the essence of the Raw brand’s intensity and raw power. The bold, raised lettering proudly spells out “Raw Tag Team Champions,” instantly conveying the prestige that comes with donning this championship.

Replica of the Raw Tag Team Championship Wrestling Title Belt with Plastic Plates. The belt is an excellent reward for achievement in the WWE. This award is not given to everyone. This heavyweight belt might be a great prize for a WWE wrestler. Because this belt is not available to everyone, we are introducing it to satisfy everyone’s needs. So that everyone can simply obtain this belt.

Elevate your tag team division to new heights with the Raw Tag Team Championship Title Belt—a fusion of craftsmanship and symbolism that resonates with the heart and soul of wrestling. Become a part of the legacy, where teamwork and skill converge to create a spectacle that will be etched in the annals of wrestling history.

Collectible Raw Tag Team Championship Belt

Raw Tag Team Belt was entirely handcrafted. The maximum weight is around (2400g). The strap was constructed entirely of genuine leather. Straps are made entirely of polyurethane, while the center and side plates are made entirely of plastic. The pattern on the blue leather strap was more appealing.

The quality of all things is so amazing. If you are interested in this belt then don’t waste your time and add this beautiful belt to your collection. All the products come with a full guarantee and fast shipping and if you are looking for some other designs then shop from our other categories such as Lucha Championship Belts and Superstars.

What Materials are Used in WWE Championship Belts?

WWE Championship Belts are crafted using high-quality materials, often including metal plates and synthetic leather for durability and authenticity.

Who is the owner of WWE Belts?

WWE belts are owned by World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE).


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