John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt
John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt
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John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt

$150.00 (Incl. VAT 17%)

  • This belt fits waists up to 46″.
  • About 4′ x 14” is the strap size.
  • The large side plate is 1.5″ wide.
  • 16 Gems symbolize John Cena’s 16 WWE titles.
  • Exclusive sweatband set, 100% Cotton rally towel
  • John Cena Legacy Championship belt weigths 6.17 lbs.
  • The second little side plate is around 1″ wide.
  • Brass-Zinc Alloy Plates
  • Handmade Replica Belt
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John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title  Replica

The John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt commemorates WWE legends’ 20th debuts. The plate’s 16 gems represent Cena’s 16 WWE World Championship titles. Some belt graphics honor significant events.

Unlock the legendary aura of wrestling icon John Cena with our meticulously crafted Legacy Collector Belt. This finely detailed masterpiece pays homage to the indomitable spirit, capturing the essence of his illustrious career in a compact collector’s item.

Exclusive miniature replica of John Cena’s Legacy Championship Features:

Precision Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the world of wrestling excellence with our mini title belt, intricately designed to mirror the grandeur of John Cena’s championship reigns. Every detail, from the vibrant colors to the engraved logos, is expertly executed to perfection.

Collector’s Edition: Elevate your wrestling memorabilia collection with this must-have collector’s piece. The John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt is a tangible reminder of Cena’s historic matches, triumphs, and iconic moments, making it a conversation starter for enthusiasts and casual fans alike.

Perfect Display Size: Designed for versatility, this mini title belt fits seamlessly into any display case, shelf, or desk. Showcase your admiration for John Cena’s legacy wherever you please, creating a focal point that resonates with fellow wrestling aficionados.

Durable Quality: Crafted from high-quality materials, this mini title belt is built to withstand the test of time. Its durability ensures that you can relish in the glory of John Cena’s legacy for years to come without compromising on its pristine condition.

Official WWE Legacy Championship belt miniature replica

Are you a wrestling memorabilia enthusiast seeking an authentic John Cena collector’s item? Look no further than our John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt! This meticulously crafted tribute to the 16-time World Champion is a must-have for fans looking to commemorate the legendary career of one of wrestling’s greatest icons.

From precision craftsmanship to its perfect display size, every aspect of this mini title belt is designed to showcase John Cena’s legacy in all its glory. Elevate your collection with this durable and intricately detailed piece that encapsulates the essence of Cena’s unparalleled wrestling journey.

Shop today for the newest and greatest wrestling belts to beautify your collection. All goods come with a warranty and speedy delivery. Visit our other categories for additional designs. Order your John Cena Championship Kids Replica Belt now and let the legacy live on! The best-selling products are Bray Wyatt’s Side Plates.

Is the Mini Title Belt an authentic WWE product?

Yes, the Mini Title Belt is an officially licensed WWE product, ensuring authenticity and quality.

What is the John Cena Legacy Championship Collector Mini Title Belt?

The WWE Legacy Champions Mini Replica Title Belt is a small replica of the WWE Championship created for John Cena fans and collectors.

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  1. Derek

    Very excellent product and I will be happy to order some again but work on your delayed dispatch.

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